Find Your Oils

This is where you go when your looking for your oils!

I will be adding videos soon!

I’ll be doing product reviews and “How To” videos on how to get the most out of all those amazing things Young Living has to offer.

Until those videos are up, here’s some links and things to get you started.

Click here and sign up so you can shop at Young Living. Signing up with me as your sponsor and enroller  will give you – me as your go-to oily person! One of the biggest reasons I love the Young Living business is the opportunity to build new relationships. I love sharing about the oils and I’ll be here to help you find your oils!

You have the option to sign up as a retail customer or a wholesale customer.

To sign up for that 24% discount that you get as a wholesale member you will need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit (I got the dewdrop kit and I love it!).

You will see the word “distributor” but, don’t worry, you DON’T HAVE TO SELL and there is no minimum amount you have to spend to keep your membership.

The Premium Starter Kit was designed as an easy way to introduce you to essential oils and the Young Living company.

Here are some of my FAVORITE resources for oily info!

Life Science Publishing – this website offers great reference guides, essential oil related books and products you can use with your oils ( like roller ball bottles!)

JenEssentials – this is Jen O’Sullivans  website. She’s a certified aromatherapist and she offers lots of nice books and videos about essential oils

The E.O.C – This is an AWESOME facebook group headed by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. This group is bursting with info and knowledgeable folks.

EWG – The Enviromental Working Group consumer guides. This is a great place to find out about your household products. They offer info on what’s in those products, if it’s healthy or not, and what health effects they may have.

Helpful Smart Phone Apps

ThinkDirty – this app is similar to the EWG consumer guides except it allows you to compile a list of your household products and gives you a cumulative score on the toxicity of your list.

The EO Bar – this app is by Jen O’Sullivan and is super convenient for quickly looking up info on oils. click here for Android , click here for ITunes