Project Baby Bea Journal – WEEK 5

Check here for updates everyday!

This is where I’ll give my updates and progress reports on the third week.

I’ll start a new post for each week.

Here’s WEEK 1

Here’s WEEK 2

Here’s WEEK 3

Here’s WEEK 4

I’ll try to come back here daily putting the newest entry at the top.

When you scroll down you’ll be going backwards. I’m doing it this way to eliminate the need to scroll way down the page to find what’s new.

9/4/17 – DAY 37 – CD 20 –

As of today I have not ovulated. That puts me a week late to ovulate. That has not happened in the whole 2 and a half years we’ve been trying. The only cycles I’ve had that I didn’t ovulate I started bleeding about the time I normally would’ve ovulated.

Yesterday I started cramping while doing yoga. I was doing the routine that was meant to be done during the luteal phase and I was taking it easy.

Also my cervix has been sealed shut like a vice since all bleading stopped.

Nausea is mild but almost constant.

There’s still a chance I guess that I’m pregnant. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a weird period and almost no symptoms until several weeks after said period. I’m going to have an HCG blood test done at an independent lab testing place tomorrow. I’m not really expecting it to be positive but it will help me put that suspicion to rest.

I’ve been keeping up with everything in this project.

I feel like between my husband living in another state for work, having yet another chemical pregnancy and changing gear with my work completely this project has been pretty well derailed.

I’ve lost all momentum for it. BUT I am still excited to see that this project has made some huge changes for my body and I’m sticking with it in hopes of it becoming part of my normal regimen.  Especially the yoga. I would still suggest this to everyone ttc.

Also I want to announce that after this 60 day project is over, I’ll be discontinuing the use of this website. I won’t be paying the annual fee for web-hosting that is coming up soon. I don’t really know what that means for the blog. I think that means it will revert to


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