Project Baby Bea Journal – WEEK 4

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This is where I’ll give my updates and progress reports on the  third week.

I’ll start a new post for each week.

Here’s WEEK 1

Here’s WEEK 2

Here’s WEEK 3

I’ll try to come back here daily putting the newest entry at the top.

When you scroll down you’ll be going backwards. I’m doing it this way to eliminate the need to scroll way down the page to find what’s new.

8/30/17 – DAY 32 – CD 15 –

Well I’m not pregnant now, but I was.

I took ovulation test everyday for 4 days and they finally faded to negative. The theor is that if are pregnant, ovulation tests will stay positive. I did the ovulation tests because some days I was getting super faint positives on home pregnancy tests and some days I wasn’t.

As much as I wanted to stay pregnant I’m relieved to have an answer. I must have still had some pregnancy hormone leftover causing positive tests.

Another issue is that I’m tracking my basal body temp and I have not actally ovulated this cycle yet. With my other early losses, I normally ovulate on time.

I’m sticking with all of my project checklist except the massage and yoga since I wasn’t sure if I was still pregnant or not. I’ll start up yoga again tomorrow.


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