Project Baby Bea Journal -WEEK 3

Check here for updates everyday!

This is where I’ll give my updates and progress reports on the  third week.

I’ll start a new post for each week.

Here’s WEEK 1

Here’s WEEK 2

I’ll come back here daily putting the newest entry at the top.

When you scroll down you’ll be going backwards. I’m doing it this way to eliminate the need to scroll way down the page to find what’s new.

8/24/17 – DAY 26 – CD 9 –

I got everything in except yoga and massage.

My brain is kind of all over the place.

It might be my imagination  (line eyes) but the pregnancy test this morning looked like it was thinking about being a faint positive. I’m probably just making myself crazy worrying about though. Like I said in yesterday’s entry, my temps are the main thing making me wonder right now.

8/23/17 -DAY 25 – CD 8 –

I took a test tonight, negative. At this point my only serious indication of pregnancy is that my basal body temp is continually rising every day. This has never happened for me during this part of my cycle and never happened with any other early miscarriages. I’ll test again in the morning.

I didn’t get the yoga and massage done today, I was worrying about the whole “am I or am I not” issue.

8/22/17 – DAY 24 – CD 7 –

I tried a wheat grass shot at Jamba Juice for the first time. It was nasty. The flavor of the wheat grass powder is definitely better than the fresh juice. But the texture of the wheat grass powder is not the best. The fresh juice might could be tolerable mixed in some orange juice.

I was super nauseous today. I felt great the first half of the day and then after walking around Costco, nausea and cramping hit me hard. I also had some flecks of blood in the bathroom, this plus the fact that my basal body temp is climbing daily is very confusing.

I’m having pregnancy symptoms despite bleeding.

This is an unusual early miscarriage for me.

I did the whole list this day except I couldn’t get all my salty water down. I also are out twice but kept it pretty healthy and dairy free.


8/21/17 – DAY 23 – CD 6 –

Rough day. Really rough. Feeling like a total failure at everything. That feeling makes me check out of life. Which makes feel even more like a failure.

Also, I’m still spotting, which makes day 9 of bleeding. I started cramping yesterday mid day and I’ve been cramping since. If I don’t stop bleeding by next Sunday or if I see signs of infection I may have to go to the er. Which is kinda terrifying to me.

Here’s what I checked off the project checklist today –

  • 1 serving greens
  • 1 serving greens
  • 1 serving greens
  • Raspberry leaf and nettle tea
  • About 50 g of protien mostly plant based
  • Women’s multi Best Nest Wellness
  • Carlson’s Cod Liver oil capsule
  • Magtien-magnesium
  • Endoflex essential oil, Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil on adrenals,thyroid,liver
  • No dairy
  • No eating out Byron
  • Kept sugar intake very low
  • Byron’s oils Idaho Blue spruce, frankincense, orange
  • Byron’s Super B
  • Byron’s Super C
  • Byron’s cod liver oil
  • Byron’s Magtien

Here’s what I didn’t get done. I feel like I’ll get back to normal soon and start checking everything off the list again.

  • Walk
  • 2-3 cups broth
  • 1 serving greens
  • 20-30 min yoga (me only)
  • 1/2 – 1 gallon pink salt/citrus juice/ citrus essential oil water
  • Abdominal massage (me only – only do massage between end of period and ovulation )
  • No eating out
  • Maca Powder

8/20/17 – DAY 22 – CD 5 –

Well, we did get pregnant this cycle. I started spotting 8 days after I ovulated, and way too soon for my period. I assumed that all the diet changes were to blame for starting my period earlier.

I continued to just barley spot for the next 4 days. I kept having more intense pregnancy symptoms, but I dismissed them because I really thought that we didn’t have good enough timing this time.

I tested and got a faint positive. I convinced my self that it was an indent line and not a pink line.

I was in denial, I guess, until I was working Thursday and I felt something weird.

I went to the bathroom and it was the sac coming out.

It does make me very sad to know that another life started to grow and was ended. But I’ve seen now that without all these losses, I may not have been motivated to learn so much about health and fertility. I’m sad, but grateful for God’s plan and wisdom.

Having yet another chemical pregnancy (this makes #7) does kind of take the wind out of my sails concerning this 60 day project. It is also discouraging that my husband is 1800 miles away which makes timing even more complicated.

I’ve decided that I will continue with this project for healths sake. These losses usually come with intense physical pain. Like rocking back and forth in the fetal position crying kind of pain. This time, there was hardly any pain at all. I had about 12 hours of medium cramping and maybe a few little taring pains. I believe this health project has allowed my body to function more correctly = less pain.

I’ve also decided that I do not want to try for a baby again until we have both had a full work up by a reproductive endocrinologist. I don’t have any intention of doing any western medical treatments, but at least I would know more about what’s going on.

The past few days have been hit and miss with the project daily checklist, but I’ve stuck with it as much as possible. All of these things I’m doing for this project are things I’m hoping stick for good.

Friday I got everything checked off except yoga and massage. Today(Sunday) I’m on track to get everything done.

Also, I’m liking the idea of fascia blasting. It sounds pretty cool. I may make my own blaster though. I don’t want to spend $100 on it. -UPDATE!! 8/24- After stumbling upon the many many horror stories of fascia blasting gone wrong, and seeing that Ashley Blacks character appears to be questionable, I’ve decided to skip fascia blasting.

8/17/17 – DAY 18 – CD 2 –

I’m having a rough time. I’ve been able to stick with most of this project though.

I’ll be back soon to update.

8/15/17 – DAY 16 – 11 DPO –

Well, I had more spotting and a very faint test and stronger pregnancy sympotoms.  I also had a lower temp and continued spotting. I missed quite a few temps the past few days, so there’s no way to know if my temp is plummeting or rising from an implantation dip. We’ll see tomorrow. If my temp is higher, I’ll be hopeful and continue with the progessence plus serum. If my temp is lower, I’ll know I am likely having another chemical pregnancy (very very early miscarriage ).

I got my project checklist done today except a walk and yoga.

8/14/17 – DAY 15 – 10 DPO –

I’m having some odd bleeding and symptoms. I don’t believe that it’s pregnancy. I’m more concerned that I either did not track my cycle correctly or I ovulated earlier than I thought ( which would put me starting earlier than expected) or something has caused my luteal phase to shorten to 10 DAYS!!!! I was so happy when my cycle finally went from 12 days to 13-14 days. It’s possible that this is implantation bleeding. I had this with my daughter. But I’m not sure yet.

Today I may get everything in. I’ve still got a few more things to do today(it’s 7:38 pm) so I’ll update on how I did tomorrow. Also if aunt flo does not fully arrive by tomorrow morning I’ll take a pregnancy test. Hopefully I will remember to take my basal body temp in the morning which is better than a preg test.

8/13/17 – DAY 14 – 9 DPO (days past ovulation ) –

I didn’t really stay on track on this day. My husband left sunday morning for a new job and life was kinda crazy. Well. To be honest, I was sad and missing him and kind of in shock. But this is a great opportunity for us and we’ll get to visit him.




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