Project Baby Bea Journal -WEEK 2

Check here for updates everyday!

This is where I’ll give my updates and progress reports on the second week.

I’ll start a new post for each week.

Here’s WEEK 1

I’ll come back here daily putting the newest entry at the top.

When you scroll down you’ll be going backwards. I’m doing it this way to eliminate the need to scroll way down the page to find what’s new.

DAY 13 – 15 were kinda crazy. My husband got an unexpected spur of the moment job offer, waaaay out of town. He left sunday and we were in such a state of shock we were just trying to survive. I did have some dairy and too much sugar but did not stray into the realm of fast food thankfully. I definitely did not get in all my requirements for this project. I’ll be back to it on monday with a new weeks post started. sorry, typed this in a hurry.

8/10/17 DAY 12 – CD 20 – DPO 6

I’m not going to have great reports for the next few days. My husband is moving to Ohio this Saturday. We pretty much found out Tuesday, so things are a little crazy around here right now. I’llbe back full force on monday.

8/7/17 DAY 9 – CD 17 – DPO 3

We drank wheat grass/orange shots(kinda yuck but better than my green smoothies) and had AMAZING Creamy – no dairy – Broccoli soup, so we successfully got 3 servings of greens today! woot.

Broccoli Soup from

Here’s the wonderful Broccoli soup recipe

I used chicken broth instead of water. I also added 1 cup fresh chopped spinach, 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley, 3 leaves of fresh chopped sage and about 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast.

Click here for my pinterest board for Fertility Diet

Hmm. I’m 3 days past ovulation and I’m a grump (mostly because I forgot my Progessence Plus Serum) and starting to get nauseous. I really don’t think we had very good timing this cycle but we’ll just have to see, as always.

What I got done today

  • 1 serving greens
  • 1 serving greens
  • 1 serving greens
  • 20-30 min yoga (me only)
  • About 50 g of protien mostly plant based
  • 1/2 – 1 gallon pink salt/citrus juice/ citrus essential oil water
  • Women’s multi Best Nest Wellness
  • Carlson’s Cod Liver oil capsule
  • Magtien-magnesium
  • Endoflex essential oil, Northern
  • Lights Black Spruce essential oil on adrenals,thyroid,liver
  • No dairy – except I cheated with a bottled Starbucks Frappaccino which also breaks the no coffee
  • No eating out – we didn’t go to a restaurant but I did get some Loraine’s jerky and Hawaiian bbq potato chips…….I was emotional from the news that my husband my be moving to Ohio to work for a while.
  • No eating out Byron – he shared my gas station food. lol
  • Maca Powder
  • Byron’s oils Idaho Blue spruce, frankincense, orange
  • Byron’s Super B
  • Byron’s Super C
  • Byron’s cod liver oil
  • Byron’s Magtien
  • 2-3 cups broth

8/6/17 DAY 8 – CD 16 – DPO 2 (days past ovulation)

I’m recharged and ready to get my whole regimen for this project done today and hopefully everyday.

As of this day, one week in, my energy is going up, my ability to handle stress without getting sick is improving, my head is clearer no foggy brain, and I’m sleeping a lot harder.

I started this at 156 lbs. I’ll weigh later to see if there has been a change.

I also need to figure out how I’m going to get 3 servings of greens into my family every single day. It’s easier for me. I can try to get incorporate greens into every meal and then at the end of the day make a shot with orange juice and wheat grass to make up the servings I didn’t get. I’m not sure my daughter can do that. We’ll see.

I got in everything I was supposed to do except massage. Fertility massage should probably wait for the days between the end of your period and ovulation. The red raspberry leaf tea is for all the days before ovulation since it may cause uterine contractions. If you do become pregnant during your fertile days, you don’t want to mess it up with uterine contractions.

I’ve also started the Progessence Plus Serum that I use twice a day during my luteal phase (days that fall between ovulation and your period).


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