Abdominal Massage for Fertility

This Video. gives a great demonstration on how to do fertility massage. I give a full description below.

Just a warning she is covered up, but not much.

Sorry just a pic. I can’t embed videos too well when using my phone to post.


Use castor oil perhaps with sweet. almond oil,sesame, coconut or lemongrass oils. – I give a recommendation for an oil to use at the end of this post.
1st move – Clockwise spiral starting at the belly button. Working your way out further and further until you reach your ribs,pubic and hip bones.
Don’t use too much force.
2nd move – To massage the uterus. Put index finger on pubic bone and form a triangle with index finger and thumb. Your uterus is in the triangle.
Go around to find the tense spots. Work in small circular motions to work out tension.
3rd move – Find the ovaries 4 inches below the belly button and 3 inches to the each side. Right inside the hip bones. Do circular motions on ovary areas 60 times. 30 one direction then 30 the opposite direction .
4th move. Slowly work upward from the pubic bone 10 times.
Do not do with an iud in.
Do not do during mensus.
Do not do after ovulation incase you are pregnant.
Do not do with diarrhea.
Do on an empty stomach.


I have found this week that I probably need abdominal massage even if I wasn’t trying to conceive.
I have lots of knots and sore spots from my rib cage to my hip bones.
I guess I hold tension there, but doing these massages is really helping.
I’ve put up a brief post with a link to a video on how @ jennrimbey.com
I chose this oil instead of just whatever was in the house for 2 reasons
# 1 – this massage oil from Young Living has a blend of nice fatty oils like grape seed and sweet almond oil and more. What I was really after was the essential oils in it.
Ylang-ylang, Coriander, Bergamot, Jasmine (one of the most expensive oils in the world), and Geranium- all of the oils have properties that support both male and female hormones.
# 2 – I knew if I had something special to use, I would be more motivated to use it. Oh man this smells amazing. Floral but not heavy or powdery. Sweet but not overly sweet. Like putting your face in a handful of jasmine, but without the headache from allergies lol.


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