60 days

Hey everyone!
If you didn’t already know, my family has been hoping for a baby (more than 1 really) for the past 2 years.
I have recently been inspired by tomakeamommy.com Anna’s story. Hers is similar to mine. In a last big attempt she decided to do ALL THE THINGS, and it changed everything.

I pretty much bought all the stuff.

I know that when and how God WILL heal me is totally in His hands, not mine. I also know that He likes hard work and stepping out in faith. I also know that eating foods that you KNOW harm you is a slow suicide, which is not pleasing to the Lord.
So we (mostly me) are going to do a super healthy regimen for 60 days. I can do anything for 60 days. We’ll see what sticks after that.
So here’s the list of the changes I’m making, it may make to several days to get around to implementing all of these.

Increase our greens from 3-4 servings per week to 3-4 servings per day
HOW} daily green smoothies with powdered wheat grass, powdered spirulina; steamed-then-frozen kale, spinach and chard; incorporating more green veggies into soups and casseroles, and serving more steamed veggies as side dishes.
WHY} greens are great for the liver and I need all the liver support I can get. I’ve had gallbladder and liver issues since I was a teen. I’m hoping increasing greens will help repair my liver and in turn the rest of me. I’ve never before increased daily greens this drastically and I’m hoping this will do great things for all of us.

Cut out dairy
HOW} replacing butter with coconut oil, olive oil, coco butter; replacing milk and cream with homemade almond milk and cashew milk; replacing cheese with Daiya shredded “mozzarella”, making “cheesey” spreads with cashews, vegan mayo, and nutritional yeast.
WHY} I’ve personally experienced the inflammatory, brain fog inducing effects of dairy and I’m looking forward to the benefits of kicking it out. Again. It always seems to creep back in because cheese reasons.

Cut out eating out
HOW} cooking. a lot. and meal planning. a lot.
WHY} The more I learn about restaurant food, the more distressed I am about eating out. Even at “healthier” places. It’s become a huge point of stress for me, subsequently my whole family, whenever we’re trying to figure out where and what to eat. So cutting out eating has some great benefits for us: saving money, avoiding unnecessary toxins, and saving us stress of trying to be healthy while eating out.

Significantly decreasing sugar and maintaining a level blood sugar
HOW} using natural low glycemic sugars sparingly – brown rice syrup, coconut sugar, coconut flower nectar and the best one MONK FRUIT POWDER. Also sweetening with berries and limited bananas,apples and oranges.
WHY} Sugar begets sugar. Spiking your blood sugar leads to craving more and more sugar. Sugar and high carb intake can cause inflammation. That word almost downplays what “inflammation” really is, so I’ll give some words of motivation about refraining from sugar that my mom once put up on the wall ” SUGAR=PUSS”. You’re welcome.

Reducing meat intake from 2-3 servings per day down to 3-4 servings per week
HOW} increasing plant based and other sources of protien – beans, lentils, peanut butter and flour, almonds and almond butter, other nuts, collagen and pristine whey protein.
WHY} muscle meats are not the easiest to digest, so more of the bodys resources are being used to break down meats. The whole idea of a diet tailored to supporting fertility is to allow the body ALL the resources it needs to rebuild and repair the hormone system and reproductive organs. Muscle meats can also be a bit acidic to the body’s ph. My daughter and I are actually pretty happy for this change. Our guts are tired. Doing this has also significantly decreased our grocery bill, so win-win.

Daily light yoga
HOW} still working on this one
WHY} There a lot of reasons to do yoga. My reasons are that I hold a lot of tension in my abdomen to the point of being painful to touch. It seems to me that this tension could be messing with blood and energy flow to all my organs, including my ovaries and uterus. I’m hoping to do fertility yoga to counter this tension.

2-3 cups of bone broth per day
HOW} make a large pot of broth (I’ll do a post about it eventually) at the beginning of the week, place our total daily amount into 7 freezer bags, defrost 1 each night, either warm and drink straight (cold broth is gross) or incorporate into a recipe
WHY} See Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston H. Price. Your body wants to heal itself. It was designed to heal itself. It can not without the proper building blocks and a lot of those building blocks are locked in the mineral rich bones of pasture raised chickens and cows. I’m currently HEALING a cavity in my front tooth with bone broth ( I’ll post about this too)

1 serving of Nettle leaf & Raspberry leaf tea daily (me only)
HOW} I ordered these teas in bulk through Anna’s link on her blog (tomakeamommy.com). I plan to use my french press for making this tea fresh every day. I’ll be drinking it with lemon and a teaspoon of coconut flower nectar.
WHY} Nettle leaf tea is full of minerals( you can taste the minerals in it) and red raspberry is said to be good for toning the uterus.

30 min walks (almost daily)
HOW} hopefully we can all do this together. It will have to be in the late evening when it’s cooler since my husband usually leaves for work before dawn. Also, I count grocery shopping as a walk. lol
WHY} At this time I am suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, so I will not be doing any cardio work outs. I do need rest right now but I don’t want any days to be totally sedentary. We’ll be walking on days when any of us have been sitting too much.


Avoiding cold/raw/frozen foods

HOW} I’m keeping a bag of mixed berries in the fridge rather than the freezer for smoothies. Also steaming all greens before they go into smoothies (this is the only thing that goes in the smoothie frozen)

WHY} I’ll be honest. I don’t know why. This idea has been suggested to me by a naturopath and Anna at tomakeamommy.com suggests this as well. It is a practice in traditional Chinese medicine to counter being cold and damp. I’m just gonna go with it.

Supplements and Nutrient sources
Best Nest Wellness Womens Multi Vitamin- LOVE THIS!! Thier products are specially formulatted for people with MTHFR gene mutations(which I have and daughter likely has).
Fish capsules – Carlson Cod Liver oil Super 1000 mg, 1 of these per day
Organic goji berries – about a tablespoon per day, either eaten plain or in a smoothie
Maca Powder – 1 teaspoon in smoothies
Magtien – 1 per day
Daily Essential Oils – ME ONLY- HORMONE SUPPORT: Endoflex blend, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce, Progessence Plus (this one I only use during my luteal phase: between ovulation and first day of period)
STRESS MANAGMENT: Stressaway blend, Lavender, ALL the Peace & Calming and ALL the Valor (seriously these 2 blends are my happy place). Lavender Bath Bombs from Young Living are also fantstic for when I’ve had a seriously stressful/physically strenuous day.
LIVER/GALLBLADDER SUPPORT: Citrus eo’s in my salty water every day
Occaisonal or as needed Essential Oils: Digize for a happy tummy, Basil is great for releasing the tension I tend to hold in my daiphram/solar plexus area (it’s also great for me for sleep support). I’m avoiding stimulating/energizing foods,oils, and supplements but if I am dragging and life demands that I keep moving I will take a capsule of lemongrass vitality oil (it is supposed to be calming/relaxing but it has an energizing effect for me). I’m always learnging about and trying new oils, these have just been my go-to’s lately.
Super B – 1 per day
Super C – 1 per day
Magtien – 1 per day
Fish capsules – Carlson Cod Liver oil Super 1000 mg, 1 of these per day
Organic goji berries – about a tablespoon per day, either eaten plain or in a smoothie
Maca Powder – 1 teaspoon in smoothies
Essential Oils – Hormone balance : Norther Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce, Frankinsence, Orange

I’ll be sharing our progress, recipes, product reviews, and anything else related to this 60 day thing. I’ll post here in full detail and give the highlights  @jennrimbey on Instagram. Also sharing on my  Facebook group .

Now I just need to name this little project. Got any ideas?


2 thoughts on “60 days

  1. Yes!!!!! Do ALL the things!!! I’m so glad you are blogging your journey 👍👍👍😁😁😁💓💓💓💓


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