Thai Coconut Chicken & Mushrooms Freezer Recipe – Cookin’ with Oils!!

I love Thai flavors and I really wanted to experiment with a new recipe. I also wanted to try out the vitality oils in an Asian inspired recipe.

Basil is my favorite herb! Besides having a wonderful flavor, it also has amazing health benefits and uses.
Garlic – another very healthful food. Natures antibiotic
I get organic chicken breast from Costco.
Young Livings Vitality oils are FDA approved for ingestion. For a foodie it’s a new adventure in flavor
Baby bella or crimini will work for this. 
This coconut milk is a lot thicker than most and perfect for this recipe. and pretty much all coconut recipes.
Fresh limes brighten up the recipe
This is like soy sauce only sweeter and less salty. Very nice umami flavor



5 chicken breast

2 c sliced mushroom

11 oz container of coconut milk

juice of a small lime

4 garlic cloves

1/4 c of peanut butter

small handful fresh basil

2 t sesame oil

tbl of ginger juice or one t powder ginger or 2 tablespoon fresh grated ginger

1/4 c coconut aminos

2 drops  lemon vitality essential oil

1 drop basil vitality essential oil

salt and pepper

3 tbl maple syrup or honey


defrost the chicken breast – cut up in small pieces – place in a 1 gallon freezer bag

slice mushrooms* – place in the bag with the raw chicken

add the entire container of coconut milk to the freezer bag

place all other ingredients the into a blender ( I used my hand emulsifier and the cup it came with) – blend well – add mixture to the freezer bag

squish around to make sure the chicken is good and coated – freeze for at least 24 hours


I cooked mine in a very hot pan, almost like stirfry until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. My daughter hates the texture of crock pot chicken, so i cook it this way.

This recipe will also work in the crock pot – 6 hours on high (depends on your crock pot, this is what works in mine).

I served mine with spaghetti squash. We’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan and this recipe would be an S meal. It’s low carb and high fat and protein.

This would be good served with steamed rice or noodles if your not watching carbs.

I may try it with riced cauliflower next time.





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