Help me! I got discouraged!

Sometimes I seriously overwork and overstress myself.

I took on this blog and Young Living full force. I felt like I started out behind the game and needed to plow ahead as hard and fast as possible.

Then my husband needed to change jobs and wasn’t working for a couple months.

This put a tin of pressure on me to start reaping an income from my efforts.

It’s not really that I needed to replace his income, I needed to prove that what I was doing was worth doing.

When you are passionate and absolutely sure about something, youre fulfilled just by working in it everyday. If whatever it is needs to make money at some point, you’ve got the motivation to wait.

When it’s not your passion, it’s someone elses, it’s easy to brush it off. It’s easy to get annoyed with the time and money spent. Annoyed with every conversation coming back to that thing you’re doing.

I know my friends and family love me, and I love them. The comments, and sometimes arguements make me weary. Not being able to share with them freely about all that I’m learning and all my plans, that’s very discouraging.

But this is one more reason why I know the Lord has been leading me to this place in my life all along. Because even though I’ve had doubts, been tired, stressed into sickness, and definitely weary. I don’t want to quit.

I’ve quit plenty in my life. Usually for good reason, but sometimes because it was hard.

I quit painting and drawing because it’s hard. I love to paint and draw and people like my stuff. But when it gets tough, I give up.

When Young Living came along for me, I asked God for focus. While in prayer I immediately realized that I had never before asked for focus. And I had never before had……..focus!

Well, now I have focus! Praise the Lord! It’s amazing, it’s wonderful! I’ve been brought low, tested and tried already and I’m just getting started! But I do not want to quit!

I can honestly say that I would continue sharing Young Living’s beautiful products with or without the hope of earning a living.

I’ve recently failed at my first attempt at an online event. The event was about how I’m changing my beauty routine for new healthier way and why.

I poured my heart into this and failing at it, not once but twice, triggered a depressing chain reaction in my household, and stressed me so badly that I’ve been physically sick for several days.

So today I’ve changed a lot of things. I’ve paired down my schedule and straightened up my priorities. My. Calender now makes me happy and excited for tomorrow.

If I’m going to do this thing for real, I’ve got to make my work load realistic for the long term.

I still have big goals and big vision. Though now I’m taking my own advice. I’m always telling my daughter “if you don’t know what to do, break it down into smaller pieces”.

So that’s what I’m doing! This morning was stay in bed and brainstorm and tomorrow I get back to work!

My question for you is, how do keep your work load/schedule realistic and sustainable?


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