After Sun Spray


I am very fair skinned. I burn, then peel, then freckle.

I have noticed that my skin is handling the sun much better this year so far!

I’ve been out in the heat of the day in direct sun a few times now and not been too badly burned.

But this is not the height of summer heat/sun just yet.

We’ve got lots of plans for exploring state parks and swimming in natural bodies of water this summer. I’ve also started a homeschooler park meetup, where we’ll meet and walk at different parks weekly.20170531_145341_1496756761108_1496838340294.jpg

All this plus our usual outdoor projects, I’m in for a lot of sun this year. Maybe the most I’ve ever had!

Besides investing in some effective and healthy sunscreen I’m looking for a giant hat!

Years ago I had this funny hat with a huge brim (it was about 1 foot from edge to head) and it was collapsible. It had that wire in it like those collapsible hampers and car sun window shades. If you know where I can find one LET ME KNOW!

Until I find that hat, I’m going to need an After Sun Spray.

1 tbl Aloe gel|2 tbl witch hazel|10 drops Lavender Essential Oil|10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil| Top off 2 oz bottle with distilled water

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