Healthy Pizza with Flatzza

I love to try new things. The other day at Sprouts i saw this.


Topped with our favorite pizza sauce and some toppings, it turned out really great!

This pizza sauce is at our local HEB Central Marker specialty grocery store.


It’s kinda floppy so I thought cooking it on a sheet pan with parchment paper would be the best. It turned out pretty good, and if I hadn’t slightly over cooked it would’ve been even better! lol #forgot #whydidicomeinthisroom


I cut up and fried a little turkey bacon ( a good one, not a yucky cardboard one!). I also cut up some kale really small and some sweet mini peppers. Then tossed it all in olive oil and spices (garlic powder,oregano,nutritional yeast,dried basil)  to top the pizza.




The longer you cook it the crispier it gets. We were really happy with it. Anything that doesn’t get complaints from my daughter, or covered in salsa by my husband, is a winner!


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