HELP ME! I have Anomic Aphasia

These videos are a perfect representation of what I go through on a daily basis.

For many years I thought this was a normal part of everyone’s  life. I thought every body randomly blanked on words they may have said normally just minutes before.

“Hey hon, will you get the….the…..the… uh….white liquid out of the fridge?”

It’s not that I forgot the word milk, it’s that for whatever reason the word “milk” refuses to come out of my mouth. So while I’m struggling to say “milk” I have to use other words to express “milk” (teehee no pun intended, lol). Words like “white liquid” or “cow juice” or “cold not water” lol.

It is usually a little bit funny, but it’s more exhausting than anything. Getting interrupted by your own brain function mid sentence is not ideal.

Often I sound like I’m stuttering. That’s actually how I used to describe it. I thought I was stuttering.

I discovered that what I had been living with for so long had a name, and a cause!

Now it escapes me where exactly I saw this information, but I love medical science and often read Oliver Sacks books. If you’ve never read anything of his you’ll see that he talks all about how different injuries and illnesses can effect brain function. I probably read about anomic aphasia from something of his.

Finding out that it had a name made me wonder when this started. I know it wasn’t always with me. So when? How? I’ll admit that learning this thing had a name freaked me out more than it relieved me.

Although the main causes are not specifically known, many researchers have found factors contributing to anomic aphasia. It is known that people with damage to the left hemisphere of the brain are more likely to have anomic aphasia. – Wikipedia


The more specific area is Boca’s area in the Brain

Okay so this has a non-disease cause. I remembered the event that could have caused enough damage to cause this. My car wreck.

At 17 I was blindsided by a pick-up that was going way too fast. He hit the front driver side of my tiny car, right at the tire (thankfully not the door!). Fortunately he was not going any faster than he was. I believe I was pushed out into the busy intersection by someone hydroplaning into the back of me and then speeding away. My only proof was silver paint streaked across my little red cars bumper.

When his truck made contact with my car my head hit my driver side window hard enough to knock me out for a few seconds. I did have a concussion and was instructed to have my mom wake me every couple hours.

There’s a good 120 seconds of that day totally missing from my mind. Such a bizarre feeling. 120 seconds doesn’t sound like much…….unless your wishing to remember it.

I’m not 100% sure this is the event that caused this Anomic stuff. Unfortunately I have a few “mild” head injuries I could site as potential causes. I once had a 50 lb roll of canvas backdrops wrapped around a metal pole fall straight down onto the top of my head from about 4 ft above me. That makes my head ache just thinking of that indecent.

And then there was my equestrian phase.

It’s pretty awesome that I’m doing as well as I am, brainwise. lol

My plea for advice is this.

Does anyone know of at home treatments, cognitive therapies or anything at all that could help strengthen this weakness in my brain?

I would love to never again have to say “white liquid” instead of just saying “milk” like I intended, but I am very grateful that it doesn’t seem to be progressive, and that’s it’s not worse than it is.

I’m also wondering if anyone with anomic aphasia also has glitches in there writing?

The letter B seems to be very effected by this. Whenever I’m writing and I start to write a B, it’s like my brain can’t decide if I should write it as an uppercase or a lower case B. No matter its placement, whether it’s in the middle of a word or the beginning of a sentence. My B’s tend to look like deformed D’s as a result. It is a little worrisome that this writing glitch IS new. It started about a month ago.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to your comments!



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