Healthy Round-Up

Just a few things that piqued my interest around the interwebs this week.

This is Stacy from, she makes some great points here in this video about all the hype on healthy diets. You can find it on her facebook page here.


This Tedx talk about smell is interesting. She talks about how smells effect our thoughts and memories. She’s a professional perfumer with some great insights on commercial scents.

Not health related I just loves it

Color Story App

I absolutely love this app! I listened to Lindsey Teague Moreno’s podcast Boss Up

She’s, as she says, a momtreprenuer. A very successful momtreprenuer at that. The main way she has found success is marketing herself on social media.

She offers lots of simple straight forward advice. In her podcast she mentions the Color Story App ( for Android, for IPhone)


Doing this blogging thing has me editing photos for many hours a week. I love this app because it really boosts the quality and appeal of my photos.

The front camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the greatest, but the ColorStory app can elevate even my crudiest pics

It can improve even the grainy dull pics I take with my front camera.

This app streamlines my editing process and makes fixing my pics something I actually want to do!

There’s a lot of fancy but subtle filters and effects you can purchase, just be warned that the $8 somethin’ package is not ALL of the filters. I’m not really sure what made them to decide to do it that way, but they did and it has gotten them a few bad reviews. I just thought I’d warn you that there will be several other filters and effects that you may want to purchase even after you purchase the “big” filter/effects package.

It really is a lot of fun. I think the very most awesome part is that you can save your process and reuse it over and over!!!!!!!! This really saves me time!!!



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