Trim Tuesday! Eating Out on Plan!!!!!! -VIDEOS

Today I did a live videos on eating out. I may do this every week.

Today will be Breakfast at Starbucks and lunch at Chik-fil-a!

The live videos will be in my Healthy Living Facebook group and then posted here later.


This is Sous Vida Egg Bites – egg whites and red pepper
Organic avocado spread! Did you know they had that?!
And a grande iced coffee with heavy cream that I sweetened with my monk fruit /maple syrup sweetner.
I love that avocado stuff!

Egg bite=13 g carbs & 7 g fat
Avocado spread= 5 g carbs & 8 g fat
Total = 18 carbs and 15 fat yes that is 4 over what you aim for on an S meal but this is fast food

This is the nutrition facts for 1 tbl of heavy creamScreenshot_2017-05-23-08-33-10_1495546597548.jpg

Nutrition facts for 1 tsp maple syrup


So this makes my iced coffee
5.6 g fat & 4.4 g carbs
To order an iced coffee you have to make sure they aren’t adding the 4 pumps of classic syrup they usually want to put in. Just say iced coffee with heavy cream no syrup or sweetner, and then add your own sweetner.

Whole meal total = 20.6 g fat & 22.4 g carbs
An S meal needs to be less than 15 g carbs so it’s 7.4 over. Honestly I’m not that strict with it, for me this is close enough. You could play with it to get the carbs down, like leaving off the avocado. But this isn’t a calorie restricted starvation eating plan. I don’t stress too much over the numbers, we just “stay in the neighborhood” of where we’re supposed to be and it’s still working great for us. Hubby’s gonna need some new clothes soon!


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