Trim Healthy Mama – My Experience and an Easy way to start.

Used to, before I got married, I could stay on a very strict diet and not really eat much at all. I could pretty easily get on track with a healthy plan because I wasn’t really cooking. It was basically snacking and fend for yourself type meals.

Now though, I’m actually cooking. Every.Single.Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking and I love my family and I love cooking for my family! I’m grateful I have the opportunity to do it!

It is a big big job though.

I’m in charge of –

  • Cooking almost all the meals
  • Organizing/cleaning the kitchen for efficiency
  • Keeping inventory of all the food
  • Meal planning
  • Making sure everyone gets things they like
  • Grocery budgeting
  • and Getting and keeping everyone healthy

After trying to conform the way I use to eat to our new lives together, I had to find something else.

We tried Paleo but it didn’t work for us. I’m a natural health nut, but my husband isn’t. We needed guidelines set down by not me.

The search led to Trim Healthy Mama. I got the book and the cookbook.

We started in December 2016 and I have lost about 15 lbs. My 13 year old has maintained weight while growing and my husband isn’t weighing but his clothes are falling off! lol

This diet may not be perfect but it’s sustainable. The women that wrote the books say this plan gives you “food freedom” and it’s really true.

We have had some rough patches in life since we started and that caused us to not be as strict as we should be all the time. But we are still either losing or maintaining, even with lots of slip ups.

If you’re thinking of starting THM I would start slow.

Just try by googling a list of complex carbs and a separate list of healthy fats.

Eat of those lists, but not at the same meal.

I’ll give 2 very basic, not 100% on plan meals, but a good low pressure way to start.

Example : a turkey sandwich with sprouted grain bread, a small handful of sweet potato fries and some raspberries. No mayonaise and baked sweet potato fries not fried. This would be a carb meal.

Example : sugar free spaghetti sauce with beef meatballs, and spaghetti squash or low carb pasta. You would not do bread crumbs in your meatballs, and you would do a small amount of pasta if your using low carb pasta.

Before you buy the book, incorporate a few THM meals from Pinterest.

One big thing you could start with is to cut drinks. Juices, sodas, even some fruit smoothies are high carb and spike blood sugar. Even the natural healthy stuff.

This diet plan is doable and maintainable, I just didn’t want to overwhelm with all the facts and fugures.

Come join the Healthy Living facebook group  to get more tips and recipes.

Thanks for reading.


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