Hair Mask Recipe – VIDEO

I chopped my hair about 8 months ago.

Before the chop, after and 6 months later. Do you see that straightish piece by my face in the bottom pic? That’s from burning my hair with a very hot flat iron and curling iron. I’ve seen improvement in the natural curl of these damaged pieces since I’ve started using this hair mask as well as switching to healthier hair products, like my homemade flaxseed hair gel in an earlier post

I had been trying my at home attempt at the curl pop method by cutting my hair dry and forming it into a round shape. I also did a thing called “dusting” the dead split end curls off the ends.

I saw my old pre cur pop (or my attempt at it) method drivers license. Man my hair looked so healthy! Yes it was bottom heavy with big curls, which was what I hated then, but what I had done to it was a lot worse. It so sparse and thin looking on the ends.

I was making a mistake with the curcurl pop method at least the way I was doing it myself. I know now you can’t really have super long curly hair and have that bouncy rounded shape unless you have much thicker hair than me.

So I chopped it myself and started trying to repair it.

I avoid heat styling tools as much as possible and now I finally found a hair mask I love!

Here’s the recipe. My goal is to use it about once per week.

Hair Mask

1 whole egg

1 tbl coconut oil

1 tbl jojoba oil

1 tbl honey

1 tbl apple cider vinegar

essential oils

5 drops lavender

5 drops peppermint

3 drops tea tree

3 drops rosemary

3 drops eucalyptus globulus

2 drops basil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl (if your using an immersion blender like I did) or a blender

Blend well

Apply thoroughly to damp hair and scalp

Cover your hair with plastic ( I use a grocery store bag), cover that with an old t-shirt (something you don’t mind getting oil on)

Let set for at least an hour

Wash, condition, and style your hair like you normally do

I usually like to run a light weight oil through my curls after they dry to lock in moisture

Recipe notes

essential oils¬†are great for cleansing, nourishing and supporting the overall wellness of your hair and skin. This recipe can be made without the oils, but I believe this is the best recipe I’ve come up with BECAUSE of the essential oils.

coconut oil – organic,virgin, cold pressed unrefined is the best, use what you like, I get mine at Costco

jojoba oil – did you know jojoba oil is technically a wax? neither did I! I ordered from

honey – I use Y.S. Eco Bee Farms brand with royal jelly in it. I get this one to take as a dietary supplement as well as to use in the mask – I got mine at

apple cider vinegar – I use Braggs brand, the one that says “with the mother”


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