Monk Fruit Sweetner

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Monk fruit is a sweetner I found while searching for an alternative to stevia.

At the time, I had heard about some ill effects I wanted avoid. Even though that rumor I heard about stevia turned out to be wrong, I still had a problem. Stevia is super gross!!!!

I tried for weeks to get used to the taste, but I just couldn’t. I bought several different types and brands. Still gross.

I finally found monk fruit!! I love my monk fruit powder!

Monk fruit is the Luo Han Guo fruit from southern China northern Thailand.It is a perennial vine in the gourd family, and it climbs and grows on trees.I’ve read different numbers, but 300 times sweeter than sugar is the one I see the most.It has 0 glycemic index and 0 calories.

It does have a bit of a fake sugar taste, but I was able to get used to it. Meaning, after a few days in a row adding it to smoothies or deserts, I don’t taste it anymore at all.

It might be a little different for everyone. My mom does not like, and the taste doesn’t really get any better for her. But my husband and daughter actually don’t pick up on that fake sweetner taste as much as I do.

It’s very sweet! A lot sweeter than sugar. There is the issue though that it is not sugar. It has no calories so the brain says “yeah yeah I know that’s not sugar”. This effect can sometimes cause me to eat more because my brain is saying ” I’m tasting sugar, but I’m not getting sugar, where’s the sugar? must…find…the..sugar!!!!!” To avoid this, I will usually add just a pinch of a real sugar (like maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar). I will gradually lower the amount of real sugar I’m adding to wean us off the hard stuff.

The one I buy is $30 on Amazon. I know that sounds super expensive, but I’ve had it for about 3 months and barely put a dent in it. It has 100 servings in the container, but most things I use it for don’t take a whole serving.  This is the only brand I could find that wasn’t mixed with other things.

I tried those cheaper brands, mixed with other things. We tried monk fruit with xylitol and monk fruit with ethrytol.

The monk fruit with xylitol tasted great, but gave my husband terrible digestive upset and me headaches. Sorry I didn’t do any digging on xylitol. I do know that it is made with a hydrogenating process using nickel. Yuck.

The monk fruit with ethrytol was also yummy, but………


Ethrytol is a sugar alcohol. While it does occur naturally in some fruits and fermented foods, that is not the kind of ethrytol you get in the store.

It is normally made from glucose made from (likely gmo) corn. Side note, most mass produced corn based things are made from gmo corn. The glucose is then fermented (fancy for rotted) with yeast or another fungus that poops out ethrytol. mmm mmm good. give me a spoonful a dat.

Ethrytol is also being patented as a pesticide. This fact in itself is not bad in itself. I’ve seen Amish people use brown sugar as a pesticide on there vegetables.

The problem I have is that I remember reading about studies done in Europe on GMO corn. Corn that was genetically modified to produce either it’s own Round-up or pesticide. It caused kidney failure in the rats they fed it to.

I remembered this study when I started looking into ethrytol. I looked into it because I was getting more and more intense heartburn and….kidney pain!

We threw out the monk fruit with ethrytol and a few days later I felt much better. So whether I like it or not, or the claims that it’s bad are true or not, I can’t eat it.

That’s why I use the straight powder form with NOTHING added to it. I would suggest to you that you check the labels of your natural and/or no calorie sweetners and make sure they’re not mixed with something else.



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