Coffee Creamer w/ Essential Oil

I love coffee, coffee is my favoritest favorite. I also love essential oils, and cooking, and cooking with essential oils. So get ready. You’re gonna see a lot of that here.

I chose thieves firstly because I was feeling like I was coming down with something and thieves may support the immune system, also because the flavor is very warm and spicey ( not hot spicey, spices spicey).

Let me know if you try out this recipe with a different Young Living Vitality essential oil. The essential oils with the Vitality label are the ones that are safe to ingest. Do your research before ingesting another brand please.


Coffee Creamer with Essential Oils

1 – 11 oz container of culinary coconut milk ( you can use about 2 cups of heavy cream instead)

1/2 t monk fruit powder ( or your favorite sweetner to taste)

1 tbl organic maple syrup

1-3 drops Thieves Vitality essential oil

Combine in a container with a lid and swirl.


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