Ladytime Products


I want to share with you some products I use for my monthly ladytime.
Okay so I’ll go in order of when and how I use each thing.

My period starts with mild discomfort starts the day before .

I don’t use any OTC products to stop or ease discomfort (my language about ailments has to be on the cautious side since I am not a doctor).
I haven’t used OTC stuff in many years because of what I’ve read about what they can do to the liver. I also have an ulcer and when I take OTC painkillers like Tylenol which is acetaminophen or Advil or Alieve which is ibuprofen, it causes my ulcer to hurt and I suspect that they cause it to bleed. So I don’t take those at all.


For mild lower abdominal discomfort (wink wink), when I feel like I’m about to start, I will drink chamomile tea and red raspberry leaf  tea. Sorry I couldn’t find a link that was a good price, but I can usually find them both at a health food store and sometimes Target (I use Traditional Medicinals, organic if available).
A constituent of chamomile is glycine which can relieve muscles spasms and relaxes nerves. So that’s how it works on relieving uterine spasms! It tastes so good with honey and lemon.
Red Raspberry Leaf tea is also good for toning the uterus, which means it helps to tighten and strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area and it seems to help.
Some say you have to drink it everyday for it to make any difference, but I only seem to remember it when I’m actually on my period and it still seems to help. For convenience I always just steep those together.
When the discomfort really starts up, usually on the second day, I use the stronger stuffs.
I use Dragon Time, Lavender and Digize essential oils made by Young Living. I don’t use them all at the same time. I will usually start with the Dragon Time, you can dilute it with a carrier oil if you like, but I just use it straight. I drip it in my hand,rub it around a little bit, and then rub it on my abdomen and it works really well. It smells like licorice a bit.
Another oil that is great at that time of the month is Lavender, you can dilute it too. I keep a roller ball of Lavender and coconut oil with me all the time for this and all kinds of other stuff ( like any and all issues with skin or muscles than need soothing, or stress that needs chillin’. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils there is!). You can also just use this one straight on your abdomen too like the Dragon Time.

Also, I’ve learned lately that during that time of the month I’m also experiencing intestinal discomfort! I was using the Dragon Time and half the time it wasn’t working.! I thought maybe it was the pooper. So i tried Digize for digestion support and it was indeed very supportive. I had no idea that I’ve probably been having this issue the whole time and never knew it! I wouldn’t have learned this without using and learning about the oils.
Another thing I use is magnesium. I’m trying out different magnesium supplements right now to figure out which one I like the most, so I don’t have one to show you at the moment. I will do a video on that later. Magnesium is great for muscle spasms anywhere in the body including the uterus! It will also help you sleep at night and have your energy boosted during the day.
At night I sometimes use a heating pad on my lower abdomen to ease the discomfort.
Some other alternative therapies are chiropractic and acupuncture.
I’ve used both to alleviate discomfort and they really do work well.
In fact, I think that if I could use those 2 therapies more regularly, I probably wouldn’t have to use anything for that time of the month at all!
If you use a chiropractor i recommend finding someone that uses an electric Thompson table. It has hydraulics that take the force of the pressure from the adjustment off of your body, which means you’re not as sore as you might be without a Thompson table.
If you’re local to me I can recommend someone that has an electric Thompson table and she’s really really good. Chiropractic adjustment works on female discomfort because all the nerves in our bodies stem from the spinal cord and if the spinal cord is out of alignment because the way we use and abuse our bodies it can cause things in the frontal areas to go awry.
Acupuncture just works too. I honestly don’t totally understand how it works. I just know it does. Again if you’re local to me, I know I lady I can tell you about that does it here in town and shes a lovely person.

I also want to tell you about these!

For a long time I heard about chlorine free feminine hygiene products. I stupidly thought that there can’t be any real difference between regular feminine hygiene product and chlorine free.
I was so so so so so stupid.
These are amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Now I use the pads because I hate tampons so much, but I know a lot of women prefer tampons. Whether you use pads or tampons, you owe it to your giner to switch
If you don’t use anything else healthy or natural in your life ever, i don’t care, you need chlorine free pads or tampons for sure!! It’s like sitting on a fluffy cloud, I’m serious!
I was getting irritation after years of using the most popular brand . Getting started as a Young Living Distributor, I started hearing about other Young Living people getting rid of all their mainstream, store bought, household products for natural alternatives. Even though I had started my healthy, all natural, mostly organic journey  more than a decade ago, I saw that I still have some work to do. Switching to these pads was one of the things I’ve done recently. I’m just so so happy that i did!
um yeah all that stuff and chocolate. That’s my time of the month products that I use
Thanks for reading!


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