HELP ME! My scalp is itchy/burny!


Hi! I’m going to be posting every Monday topics that I need help with, like health issues, business dilemmas, recipes or homeschooling. I’m asking anybody that wonders over here to offer any advice or support they may have for me.

Today I’m dealing with my scalp.

For years now I’ve had bouts of mild itching and bad burning sensation on my scalp. There doesn’t seem to be any rhythm to it. Over the years I’ve changed out shampoos, conditioners, and styling products thinking they may be the cause. But it didn’t seem to make it better.

Some things did make it a lot worse. Like Mark Anthony Curl Gel. I used it for a couple months before realizing it was the cause. My scalp was on fire and bright red. I lost at least 1/3 of my hair at that time. This was probably 8 years ago.

My hair and scalp eventually recovered, but the itching and burning would occasionally come back. I would always think that it was caused by something I was using and I would immediately stop using it.

Now I’ve been using better and healthier products. But it’s back. It’s been back for a couple months.

It started up again  when I was using an OTC progesterone cream from the health food store. My scalp was bad! I finally looked up negative side effects of progesterone cream. Turns out you can actually have too much progesterone! Too much progesterone ingestion can harm the nervous system.

I’m wondering if I could’ve harmed my nervous system by overdosing myself with progesterone causing the nerves on my scalp to go wrong?

Until this gets resolved I’ll be using this daily just for relief! Recipe below

Cooling Scalp Spray

10 drops Lavendar essential oil

5 drops Tea Trea essential oil

4 drops Peppermint essential oil

2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil

1 drop Rosemary essential oil


Drop all essential oils into a 2 oz spray bottle and top off with water.

Adjust recipe for a bigger spray bottle



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